„A wealth pool consolidates money from many people. Some is invested, some remains liquid. This makes fluent transitions between payments and new contributions possible.“

Dr. Markus Distelberger
It starts with a project for which finance is sought. An association, company or local authority might be planning to purchase land or a building, for example. The initiators then invite many people to participate and to sign a loan agreement for the wealth pool.
They pay their contributions into an escrow account for the wealth pool. A maximum of 90% of this amount is invested and 10% kept in the account as a cash reserve in order to make short-notice payouts possible.
The contributions are recorded by an accountant while a trustee administers them and acts as a representative for the purpose of entering them in the land registry.
A network of people is established, which ensures a balanced inflow and outflow to and from the wealth pool. New contributions to the pool flow from the users as well as from new deposits, so previous investors can withdraw their portion again if necessary.
All participants are linked to each other and the processes involved are fully transparent.
A new way of thinking maybe ...
The wealth pool allows many people to invest their money wisely. It is therefore also fine for the project organisers to have permanent “debts” and not be forced to pay the money back. Nevertheless, investors also have the flexibility to withdraw and allow others to take their place. In other words: the debts remain, the creditors change and everything works fine like that.