„Money is traded for maximum returns on the financial markets. But we can also use it to maintain life over the long term. Money is there to serve. The question is how we use it.“

Dr. Markus Distelberger
The financial markets are heavily institutionalised and commercialised. Money is treated as a commodity and traded for maximum returns. This kind of monetary system nurtures a competitive and growth-orientated economy, but in many cases disregards what life holds in the long term. Many people no longer want to support this dynamic and are ready for new ways.
Ways that really do serve people can be supported by a large network of people and forged without fears about money. We often think there is a shortage of money, but in Austria alone there is around 1 trillion in wealth, much of it in smaller sums. With a wealth pool, the money is no longer hoarded anonymously but goes where it is needed. There is a new, relaxed approach to handling money.
Work is under way in many areas on alternatives to the current capitalist system, alternatives that promote community. The concept of a wealth pool provides a building block for larger investments, while initiatives such as barter exchanges or regional currencies are working to find ways in which sustainable social and ecological structures can be nurtured in everyday business.