Introductory seminars

by lawyer, Dr Markus Distelberger
Sorry, we have no planed seminars at the moment. to be held from 10 am to 5 pm in Herzogenburg, Community Hall, Garden of the Generations, Rottersdorferstrasse

Seminar fee: Euro 150,–
In case the fee is a drain on finances, please feel free to contact us with an offer that fits you better.

The number of participants at each seminar is limited to 25. Registration up to 10 days before seminars start at

In case the number of participants doesnt reach more then 10 the seminar will be only half-day in a more concentrated form and with individual advice. Else the seminar will be full-day as usual.

During the seminar, there will be an introduction to the business concept and the details of the legal safeguards. Participants will receive the necessary legal draft contracts, which will be explained in detail. After the seminar, you should be in a position to start a wealth pool for your own community projects, your own business or your own municipality.